Colour and Style Consultations

Stylish in the ShoppingCity: personal shopping, business shopping, colour and style consultation.

Personal Shopping

Remove surplus pieces from your wardrobe. With shopping companions/personal shopping we are on hand with help and advice to find your favourite suitable pieces together.

Shopping should become a pleasure again…

Programme for a shopping tour:

Meet Gundula Medwed-Schabauer and/or her sister Barbara Wieser in the ShoppingCity Seiersberg to find new favourite and fitting pieces for you. A wide range of shops awaits you.

Before a tour it is advisable to make use of a colour and style consultation, because this will allow a quicker and more sensible purchase.

You will enjoy new impulses and security when choosing your clothing.

As a Friend of Seiersberg you also profit here! The hourly rate for Friends is €50 instead of €65.

Image Consultation

Image is the total impression of a person. This means every person has an image, leaves an impression. Demeanour, communication and clothing influence an image greatly. Colours, style and clothing lead to a harmonious and optimal appearance.

“There is no second chance for a first impression.”

Special price for Friends of Seiersberg:

  • image and business consultation for women (duration approx. 3,5 hours.) €210,- instead of €270,-
  • image and business consultation for men (duration approx. 2,5 hours.) €170,- instead of €220,-

Colour Consultation

more attractive – fresher – more congenial – younger

Programme for a colour consultation:

  • fill in form
  • skin-tone analysis
  • determination of personal colours
    (spring, autumn/fall, summer, winter type)
  • make-up consultation for women in the right colours
  • the perfect hair colour
  • the best colour combinations for your type
  • final with scarves and cloths

Special price for Friends of Seiersberg:

  • women: €120,- instead of €150,-
  • men: €99,- instead of €125,-

Style Consultation

Together with Gundula Medwed-Schabauer and her sister Barbara Wieser you will determine your personality, which is responsible for you style. You will talk through body types and analyse your proportions.

Programme for a style consultation – duration approx. 1 hour:

  • questions about your personality with subsequent evaluation
  • personal figure-type analysis, measurement of proportions and form
  • advice on suitable cuts, lengths, necklines…
  • glasses – perfect for the shape of your face
  • best use of suitable accessories
  • drawing-up of personal style sheet

Special price for Friends of Seiersberg:

    • women: €105 instead of €130
    • men: €88 instead of €110

Beauty, Coloure, Style

Gundula Medwed-Schabauer & Barbara Wieser
Ragnitzstraße 34a I A- 8047 Graz /Austria
Mobil: +43 (0)650 40 10 925  I  +43 (0)676 96 15 118


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